About Us

Ari Goldstein, Ph.D.

Dr. Ari Goldstein holds a Master’s degree in Learning Disabilities and a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Illinois, and frequently serves as a special education advocate and expert witness. In his 20 years of clinical practice, Dr. Goldstein has helped dozens of providers build their small practices into thriving multiple staff member clinics. His insight and knowledge of business development, marketing knowledge specific to mental health and education, and understanding of insurance processes bring critical value to the growth of any practice.

James Gottschalk, M.A.

James Gottschalk is a graduate of Michigan State University, and has completed a Masters degree in Developmental Psychology with a focus on learning disabilities.  He has been the Program Director for a highly successful private learning center in Chicago for the past 15 years. His experience includes client acquisition and retention, print and digital advertising, and improving work-flow procedures. James’ years of work in a clinical setting have given him an intimate understanding of best practices for serving the needs of his clients, as well as improving his clinic’s presence in the community.  

Brandon Hammond, B.S.

Brandon Hammond completed his undergraduate degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Business Administration and Marketing Management. Immediately following his undergraduate studies, he began a career in emerging start-up businesses, learning and mastering the many intricacies a modern business demands. With his ability to create and recognize individualized strategic solutions and knowledge of fluid digital marketing and website trends, he has been the core component to the sustained growth of his clients.