You have an image of your private practice and what makes it great, but are potential clients and referral sources seeing the same picture? Most of your time is spent managing your practice while marketing efforts are often an afterthought. Outreach to marketing firms can reveal exorbitant price-points and an inexperience working with mental health professionals. You need a partner who understands the intricacies of effectively marketing your brand to your unique audience while also maintaining its integrity; that partner is CliniGrow.

Our marketing services include:

  • Social Media Advertising – paid advertising through major social networks
  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns – email management through MailChimp & Bronto
  • PPC, CPC, CPM Campaign Management – banner ad management, creation and distribution
  • Google AdWords Management – targeted ads for relevant keyword searches
  • BingAds Management – targeted ads for relevant keyword searches
  • Google Analytics – reporting on key metrics to convey changes month-to-month

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