Practice Evaluations

Didn’t learn how to run a private practice in graduate school? Unprepared for the additional work required to keep a practice afloat?  At CliniGrow, we understand these concerns.  We assist professionals who are highly skilled and trained clinicians, but don’t have the knowledge and tools to successfully build and run a private practice.  

Running a successful private practice in mental health means doing it all! Vital components of a successful practice mindset include understanding your patient referral sources, retaining existing patients, building and maintaining an online presence with reviews, managing and budgeting your advertising, and serving as your own accountant.

At CliniGrow, we consult with private practices to help them develop more efficient workflow processes, and ensure that the time they spend building their practice is effective. This allows practitioners to truly focus on their skill set and their patients, while at the same time ensuring their practice runs effectively. Our private practice building services include:

  • Organic Referral Development
  • Practice workflow Evaluation & Training
  • Employee Process Evaluation & Training
  • Insurance Process Evaluation & Training
  • Collections Process Evaluation & Training
  • Patient Retention Process Evaluation & Training
  • On-Site Seminars

Preliminary Evaluation

Our preliminary evaluation takes a broad look at your practice to help you understand areas of strength and weakness. This process allows us to create a highly individualized set of strategies for your practice, thereby giving you the power to choose the services you think will best suit your unique practice. Our initial consultation will evaluate five key areas of your practice:

  • Website/SEO
  • Social media
  • Organic referral sources
  • Insurance billing practices or other billing systems
  • Advertising practices

Through an in-depth interview with you and analysis of your online presence, we will develop an outline of best practices for your business moving forward. Some practices you will be able to implement independently, some will require the assistance of others, and all will be services which CliniGrow can provide for the long term should you choose to continue working with our consultants.

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